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How simplehuman Tackles Challenges With Their 14 Agent TalentPop Team

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Simplehuman is transforming the way we utilize everyday household objects. With products ranging from a high-tech voice-controlled trash can to devices to sanitize your cell phone, simplehuman is rethinking basic essentials and turning them into tools for efficient living.

The Challenge

Simplehuman came to TalentPop in July of 2022, searching for a solution to the high ticket volume that their internal team was struggling to keep up with. With over 800 inbound tickets being created daily, their internal team just couldn’t keep up with the demand on both live and non-live channels. 

With their high ticket volume and luxury product offerings, simplehuman was looking for agents who could: 

1. Respond quickly and efficiently to customer inquiries, and

2. Provide a more “white-glove” service to their customers.

The Solution

TalentPop worked with the team at simplehuman to onboard 3 agents right away, who primarily handled the low-priority tickets and allowed their internal team to continue to support more difficult inquiries and channels. 

Within a few months, the team was already doubling in size as the simplehuman team found the TalentPop agents to be an excellent addition to their internal processes.

The TalentPop Approach

Each of the simplehuman agents that TalentPop paired went through a special recruitment process, specific to the needs of the simplehuman team. In addition to our rigorous interview process and our TalentPop Customer Service training, the simplehuman agents had to also pass a typing test to ensure that they could effectively and accurately keep up with the volume of tickets. 

The simplehuman team really appreciated how we went the extra mile, saying that the TalentPop agents they have been presented with were really what they asked for. Our flexibility is a huge added bonus to the simplehuman team as well! 

Nicole Savic, Customer Support Manager at simplehuman, said, “Over time, it’s easier to see with a little bit of their work whether or not they will be a good fit. So I am glad that we are able to try them out a little bit and see how it flows… And then I really like that you have the option for us to change our agents if we need to.”

The Results

The simplehuman team has continued to grow over the last year and is ready to take on Q4 in 2023 with a total of 12 TalentPop agents supporting their team. 

Not only are TalentPop agents handling simplehuman’s low-priority tickets, but they have now been cross-trained to support live chat and SMS as well. Pauline Solorzano, Logistics and Sales Operations Manager at simplehuman, pointed out that the top performing agent across their entire Customer Service team (internal team included!) is a TalentPop agent. Larice was one of the first agents onboarded to simplehuman, and her excellent performance has made her a key part of training and coaching other agents on the simplehuman team.

When asked what she would say to another brand considering TalentPop as their customer service solution, Pauline shared that overall, TalentPop has been a great solution for them.

“I think overall, it’s a great service, and [TalentPop agents] are great and they are very dedicated.” 
Number Of Agents

Final Takeaways

At TalentPop, there’s nothing we love to see more than our very own agents and our clients achieving tangible results and success together. 

It’s not always easy or efficient to handle all of your brand’s customer service needs in-house, which is why over 500+ top brands like simplehuman have turned to TalentPop for support.

Our flexible service offerings and highly skilled agents make us an easy choice for brands needing to hand off some of their customer service tasks.

Don’t delay getting the support you need any longer – book a call with our team today, and we’ll show you how easy and hassle-free we make it to outsource customer service to the experts.

“I think overall, it’s a great service, and [TalentPop agents] are great and they are very dedicated.”

Pauline Solorzano
Pauline Solorzano
Logistics and Sales Operations Manager

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