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How TalentPop Helped Meowtel Double Its Customer Support Team To Serve Customers Better

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Meowtel aims to help every cat and cat parent live their best lives by offering a nationwide network of trusted and insured cat sitters. From quick weekend trips to extended vacations abroad, Meowtel’s customers can rest assured that their feline-loving cat sitter will give each furry friend the care they deserve.

The Challenge

In early 2021, Meowtel was booming. However, its growing clientele also meant that its customer service needs were through the roof. With only three full-time customer service agents handling inquiries day and night, the brand’s founder knew it was time to seek additional support.

The Solution

Most business owners can identify when it’s time to bring in extra help, and for Meowtel, that moment came in early 2021 after nearly a year of operating through the pandemic.

With just three full-time employees handling tickets and inquiries on the customer service team, Meowtel’s Founder & CEO, Sonya Petcavich, sensed that finding additional support for her current team was going to become a race against the clock.

“We needed to double our customer service team ASAP to keep up with inquiries,” Sonya told us. Sonya was new to working with staffing agencies, and to feel confident that she’d be making the right choice, she turned to a friend who recommended TalentPop.

The TalentPop Approach

Though Meowtel used the first few months to teach its new TalentPop agents the ropes, they quickly became confident in handling customer issues via email, live chat, and finally, live phone calls.

“We’re not a standard e-commerce company,” Sonya told us. “We have a custom-built tech stack with weird integrations, so our agents have to be quick learners, passionate about cats, and have a high level of trust and communication skills.”

Sonya mentioned that because her customer service team receives “some pretty wild calls” during their business hours, it’s a relief to know that Meowtel’s TalentPop agents can now handle any sort of ticket or emergency situation that comes through their support channels.

When asked what she would recommend other brands do before working with TalentPop, Sonya had one distinct piece of advice to share:

“Figure out what will make your agents successful and be clear about your needs. We were super clear with TalentPop’s recruiting team about what we wanted in an agent to make both them and our brand successful, and you guys really delivered.”

The Results

 “We’ve been very happy with the first two agents we got back in July of 2021. Since then, we’ve doubled our TalentPop staffing needs!”

Number Of Agents

Final Takeaways

It’s not always possible to handle all of your brand’s customer service needs in-house, which is why over 500+ top brands like Meowtel have turned to TalentPop for support.

From knowledge of the top E-Commerce tech tools and software to outstanding customer service skills that will help your brand stand out, our qualified agents are here to serve your customers better and improve customer satisfaction so your business can grow to its full potential.

Don’t delay getting the support you need any longer – book a call with our team today, and we’ll show you how easy and hassle-free we make it to outsource customer service to the experts.

"We’ve been very happy with the first two agents we got back in July of 2021. Since then, we’ve doubled our TalentPop staffing needs!"

Sonya Petcavich
Sonya Petcavich
Founder & CEO

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