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Exploring Customer Feedback: How To Collect It & Why It’s Important

September 18, 2023

Exploring Customer Feedback: How To Collect It & Why It’s Important

Customer satisfaction is truly the foundation of any successful business, particularly those in the E-Commerce industry. In 2023, customer standards are higher than ever (honestly, as they should be), which makes it even more crucial for brands to gauge happiness and satisfaction by collecting customer feedback. However, finding the right ways (and the appropriate times) to collect customer feedback without detracting from the overall experience can be a challenging task.

Why Is Important For Your E-Commerce Brand To Collect Customer Feedback?

No matter your industry, customer feedback will always be one of the most important data points to collect. After all, without customers, a business doesn’t have a chance of surviving, let alone growing into a successful brand.Monitoring customer satisfaction and other crucial metrics help you:

  • Gauge future growth & success
  • Gain valuable insight into where your business can improve
  • Maintain an edge over your competitors

… all of which are essential when it comes to building a sustainable and profitable business – especially when you consider that 68% of consumers are willing to pay MORE for products and services from a brand known to offer good customer service. With statistics like this in mind, it’s easy to see why understanding how your customers feel about your brand, products, and services is essential.

Steal These 4 Strategies For Collecting Customer Feedback

Ready to start collecting customer feedback, but not sure where to begin? Let’s keep it simple – here are four quick strategies that you can easily implement into your business routines today.

1. Offer Surveys At Key Points In Your Customer Journey

Okay, you might be thinking, “well, DUH,” about this first point. Truthfully, though, customer surveys are the BEST first step towards collecting the kind of key feedback that can influence decision-making in your business. The only catch to sending or offering surveys to customers is that you must be sure to offer these feedback opportunities at the appropriate time (and in the right way).

If you’re wondering why, think about it like this: Imagine you’re a customer using a CMS at work that starts glitching, so you reach out to a customer service agent via live chat. In the middle of the interaction, you’re hit with a pop-up notification from the website AND an email asking for your feedback about your experience – all before the interaction ends. Considering you just had to take time out of your workday to resolve a glitch, and now you’re being bombarded with feedback requests on multiple channels before the agent has found a resolution for you, you might feel annoyed and disregard both opportunities.

Overall, the poorly timed feedback requests added to your frustration and resulted in the brand not getting the desired feedback. Now, let’s get back to our main point.To get you started, here are a few metrics you can measure via customer feedback surveys and our suggestions for when to send them:

  • Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT)CSAT measures the overall satisfaction a customer has with your brand. Typically, you’ll want to send surveys measuring CSAT after customers have an interaction with your customer service team.
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS)NPS measures the likelihood of a customer recommending your brand to a friend or family member. These surveys can be sent periodically to customers or after a transaction or customer service interaction.
  • Customer Effort Score (CES)CES measures how much effort a customer has to put in to interact with your business. These surveys can be sent after any interaction your customers have with your brand, such as submitting a support request/ticket, completing an order on your website, or interacting with a chatbot or other self-service channel.

2. Monitor Social Media Accounts

In recent years, social media has become a digital haven for customers to air their grievances and share their positive experiences with brands. While we strongly encourage brands to respond to every single post & comment online and implement other best practices for social media customer service, we also highly recommend that you use this feedback to make improvements and changes within your business. Something as simple as a tweet critiquing your chatbot functionality points to friction areas customers are experiencing along their customer journey that you can improve for the future.

3. Encourage Agents To Ask For Feedback Directly

Since customer feedback is so crucial to business growth, we firmly believe that collecting it shouldn’t just happen through automated surveys. To attain the type of stories – positive or negative – that can be used to improve systems and processes within your organization or even build out case studies, encourage your agents to ask your customers for feedback directly and take detailed notes. During a customer service interaction, opportunities to gain valuable insights into a customer’s perspective & thoughts about your brand often happen organically.

Your customer service agents should advantage of these moments by writing down quotes, asking questions that may produce more details about customers’ experiences, and creating space for natural conversations where customers may be more likely to offer up feedback without a survey. Here are a couple of examples of how you can naturally work feedback-provoking questions into conversations:

  • While resolving an issue – “Thanks for letting us know about this issue. How has this affected your day-to-day experience with {Company Name}?”
  • After hearing a positive comment – “Awesome, we love hearing positive feedback like this! Based on your experience, would you recommend {Company Name} to a friend or colleague?”
  • After answering a quick question – “Happy to help! Do you have any other questions or feedback from your experience so far that you’d like to share with us?”

4. Track Recurring Tickets In Your Helpdesk Software

If you’re already using helpdesk software in your customer service team, you likely already have stores of useful feedback available at your fingertips. When set up properly, helpdesks like Gorgias, Zendesk, and Gladly do the heavy lifting of organizing and tagging tickets accordingly, which makes it easy to see recurring issues and feedback across the board.

By examining these trends, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of where your business and customer service processes need to change to improve the quality of customer experiences and reduce the frequency of repetitive tickets.

Hire Skilled TalentPop Customer Service Agents To Collect Positive Customer Feedback For Your Brand

It’s no secret that customer feedback should be the root of any big decision-making within a business, which is why collecting it at key points in your customer journey is a must.

At TalentPop, our priority is to provide the best level of service for your customers to ensure that your brand receives the positive feedback it deserves. To set you up for success, we use our proven hiring & training process to match you with the best agents for your brand – all of whom are well-versed in the top E-Commerce tools and software and are total pros at cultivating a memorable customer experience within your brand.

Plus, with our simple pricing model and scalable customer service solutions, it’s always a breeze to either increase or decrease your level of support based on what you need. Schedule a call with us today to learn more about how we can partner to meet your customer service needs this year and help you nail your customer feedback.

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