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How To Choose the Right BPO To Work With Before The Holiday Season

October 31, 2022

At some point, we’ve all experienced the dreaded hold music while waiting on the phone to speak to a customer service agent (really, Mariah Carey again?). For most of us, this is to be expected, especially around the holidays. In fact, if you’re an E-Commerce business owner, you’re likely no stranger to the utter chaos of the holiday shopping season – but it doesn’t mean you have all the answers to improving your customer experience without feeling like a Scrooge and burning out your team.

Here at TalentPop, we’ve created a strategic solution for business owners who need support from their customer service team long after the Christmas trees have been set out on the curb for trash day. However, we know that a “one-size-fits-all approach” doesn’t always make for a positive business-to-BPO experience. Let’s take a closer look at the BPO options available for the E-Commerce space so you can make the best decision for your organization before the holidays sneak up on us.

Why Work With A BPO For Customer Services Outsourcing?

A Business Process Outsourcing company, or BPO, is an excellent and cost-effective solution for businesses that are ready to outsource certain tasks and scale. “Outsourcing” can often invoke thoughts of gray, cubicle-filled call centers and poor-quality services, but modern BPOs are breaking down these stereotypes by offering solutions that help businesses grow and thrive (we all love Office Space – doesn’t mean we want to live it anymore). There are many reasons why customer services outsourcing could be a huge help to your e-commerce business:

  • Your ticket volume is increasing and you’re ready to scale. When the number of tickets you’re receiving is overwhelming your agents, you need more support to keep response and resolution times low and customer satisfaction high.
  • You want to cut costs without sacrificing quality. Finding affordable assistance with customer service doesn’t mean you have to throw quality out the window. With BPOs like TalentPop, you can hire vetted customer service agents that are dedicated to your brand starting as low as $8 per hour.
  • You need seasonal or holiday support during busy times. Though you might not need to add on support year-round, every E-Commerce business can use some extra help to handle the influx of customers and tickets during the holiday shopping season. If what you need is temporary or seasonal support, there’s a BPO out there for you.
  • You don’t have the bandwidth to serve customers and train new agents. Training new agents on your business’s software, tools, and brand can feel like a full-time job – one that neither you nor your existing team likely has time to perform on top of marketing, fulfilling orders, and helping customers. At TalentPop, we do all the heavy lifting for you by extensively training our agents before assigning them to your brand (plus, each of our agents comes to us with an average of 4+ years of customer service experience AND 2+ years of experience in the E-Commerce space).

How To Choose The Best BPO For Your Needs

Every E-Commerce business is different, and choosing the right BPO to help you depends on your unique needs. There are a few different types of BPO models/formats out there:

  • Pay by the hour
  • Pay per ticket completed
  • Agencies that pool agents together
  • Agencies that select 1 agent to work with your business

Simply stated, there are pros and cons to each of these business models.

Generally, the common problem amongst them, however, is that the agents you’ll typically have assigned to your brand aren’t well-versed in it enough to seamlessly jump into the flow and help out, and the payment structure isn’t always economically sustainable. Plus, the training that agents at many BPOs receive is usually broad enough to span across several industries, which isn’t helpful when you need someone who understands E-Commerce and all of the intricacies that come with it.

The BPO That Goes Above and Beyond For Your Brand

TalentPop is different from your average or run-of-the-mill BPO – in fact, we like to say that we’re an anti-BPO BPO (cheeky, we know). You see, we don’t stop at training our agents on top E-Commerce tools like Shopify, ReCharge, Gorgias, and Zendesk. We also assist YOU with your training process by building out a brand-specific training file of your top questions, answers, and processes to give to your new TalentPop agents (as well as any new team members you may onboard in the future) so they have a full (yet digestible – you’re welcome, skimmers) download of your brand before diving in.

Plus, our month-to-month solution gives you the flexibility to select your agent and scale their hours up or down depending on your ticket volume or customer service needs during a specific timeframe. So, if your brand sees its most intense sales peaks during Q4, your TalentPop agents can work up to 40 hours per week to help you keep customer satisfaction at an all-time high while response and resolution times stay low and controlled.

Schedule a Call with our Team Today to Start Experiencing the TalentPop Difference

Letting the holidays overrun your team or spending a fortune on customer services outsourcing isn’t a choice you should be forced to make anymore. At TalentPop, our founders have been in your shoes. We know that as much as you might want to keep customer service in-house, you don’t have enough hours in the day to find and train qualified agents who will fit in well with the empire you’re trying to build.

In handing over your customer service to our dedicated agents, you’ll never need to fret over this facet of your business again – we take it all off your plate and even continually check in to perform weekly quality checks and monitor progress to ensure your customers are receiving elevated responses. Ready to pick your CEO duties back up and leave the support to our experts? Get started today by scheduling a call with our team and we’ll help you get the support you need to scale.

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