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How TalentPop Helped Shop The Scenes Build Out Processes And Elevate Customer Service

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Shop the Scenes provides fans with a new way to interact with their favorite TV shows, movies, and other entertainment platforms. See a shirt you really love on your favorite show Yellowstone, but don’t know where to buy it from? No problem! Shop the Scenes curates the outfits you see on your favorite shows and allows you to buy them directly from their website.

The Challenge

When Shop the Scenes came to TalentPop, their Customer Experience Manager, Renn Harbin, had never worked with an outside agency offering a customer service solution like TalentPop. She had, however, worked with a different customer service provider and was not impressed. Shop the Scenes was looking for agents who would be dedicated to their brand, match their brand voice, and go beyond the macros to solve customer issues. 

Additionally, Shop the Scenes was a brand new company at the time they came to TalentPop, and many of their processes were not yet built out. This made it the perfect time for TalentPop to step in and do what we do best!

The Solution

Our recruitment team was able to quickly onboard 2 of our highly skilled customer service agents to the Shop the Scenes team before the chaos of BFCM. Since many of our agents have skills beyond Customer Service, they were even able to assist with some admin work during their downtime such as pulling reporting data for the team.

Our team was also able to assist with building out some of the processes that the Shop the Scenes team had not had the time or opportunity to build out yet as such a lean team.

The TalentPop Approach

At TalentPop, we aren’t just a plug-and-play option for Customer Service. We offer a full team of customer service experts to help your brand succeed. Renn spoke highly of Shop the Scene’s dedicated Customer Success Manager and Onboarding Specialist.

“Working with Isabelle was super easy, and her colleague, Guia, helped set up Gorgias and fine-tuned our macros.” explained Renn, “And in a small team, it’s nice to have that support.”

The icing on the cake for Renn was that Jeff and Leslyn, the 2 agents working for Shop the Scenes, were genuinely happy working for TalentPop. “That speaks volumes in my opinion,” added Renn. 

The Results

It’s safe to say that Renn was happily surprised at the quality of service TalentPop offered given her previous experience with a similar service. 

“You guys are doing an outstanding job, and you’ve added a personal touch to the Customer Experience management side.” 

When asked what she would say to another brand considering TalentPop as their customer service solution, Renn shared that she already has referred other brands to TalentPop! She highlights how TalentPop’s services would be great for any brand, but especially brands struggling to keep up during the holiday rush (because who doesn’t need a little extra help during the busy season!).

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Final Takeaways

Growing a successful brand truly takes a village, and at TalentPop, we’re ready to help you get the support you need to make a splash in your industry.

We know all too well that having an incredible product isn’t enough anymore to stand out. To create a truly loyal customer base, you must have a consistently high-quality customer experience that nurtures your target audience and makes them feel valued and heard. 

At TalentPop, we focus on recruiting trainable, trustworthy agents who are well-versed in best practices for customer service and the latest technology that E-Commerce brands use daily. Our tried-and-true recruitment process means that by the time you meet the agents we’ve matched with your brand, they’ve already been sourced, vetted, and trained by yours truly.

It’s that simple. Book a call with our team today if you’re ready to look towards the future with your business and outsource customer service to elevate CX.

“[Before TalentPop] I had never had dedicated agents who really cared to learn and adapt to our brand voice”

Renn Harbin
Renn Harbin
Shop The Scenes
Customer Experience Manager

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