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How TalentPop Increased Ancient Nutrition’s Retention Rate By 5% And Saved Them Money In The Process

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Meet the 

Ancient Nutrition


As a leader in the Health & Wellness space, Ancient Nutrition aims to create high-quality, superfood-packed supplements. They pride themselves on their natural ingredients and commitment to healing the planet through regenerative farming, ensuring that their products are the best in the industry, for both humans and the planet.

The Challenge

Ancient Nutrition runs a rewards and referral program, as well as a subscription option to customers. With a variety of different channels to support, their team knew they needed to bring in the best Customer Service Agency to help support them.

Ancient Nutrition came to TalentPop looking for a solution to their phone support queue. They had previously worked with an outsourcing agency but were left feeling unsatisfied by their lack of attention to customer retention (resulting in a high number of subscription churns) and feeling as though their agents were not a true, integrated part of the Ancient Nutrition team. 

The Solution

The TalentPop team was able to step in to support Ancient Nutrition, handling more phone support tickets for their brand than both their internal team and other agencies they work with. Our agents consistently exceed expectations, often displaying the top-performing KPIs, such as CSAT and calls answered, across the entire team on a weekly basis. Gone are the days when Ancient Nutrition struggled to retain customers, as the TalentPop team has taken their retention rate higher than they have ever seen before.

The TalentPop Approach

Prior to beginning with TalentPop, Ancient Nutrition had tried other Customer Service Outsourcing solutions, only to find that they were met with lackluster support at a higher price. 

When discussing how TalentPop turned their experience with outsourcing around, Director Kate Dalton said,

“[TalentPop Agents] just have a really open mentality to coaching and feedback. It’s like night and day compared to our partners before who were nameless, faceless, and we didn’t talk to them.” 

With their TalentPop agents, the Ancient Nutrition team has regular, camera-on meetings where they can really get to know the agents they work with, which has made a huge difference in their personal and professional relationships with the team.

The Results

Not only did TalentPop’s value shine in the quality of team members, but TalentPop was able to save them money while continuing to improve their Customer Service results.

“Switching to TalentPop, we saved so much money AND our results have improved so dramatically!” - Kate Dalton, Director

Once the team of TalentPop agents became comfortable in the role. Ancient Nutrition saw around a 5% increase in customer retention. Not only were our agents providing exceptional service, but they were actually helping to retain Ancient Nutrition customers who wanted to cancel their subscriptions. 

Customer Experience Team Lead, Kirby Franklin, described the increase in retention rates as “astronomical” saying, “This has always been a pain point KPI, so that has soared.” 

The icing on the cake for the Ancient Nutrition team is that TalentPop continues to be able to adjust to the changing processes at Ancient Nutrition.

 “The part that really gets me excited is we’re always evolving, constantly growing, constantly getting new products,” said Lindsay Dominquez, their Customer Experience Manager, “and I love that TalentPop is so open to learning, and they’re coachable, too.” 

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*Data from September 10th, 2022 - September 10th, 2023
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Final Takeaways

Our TalentPop team loves hearing these success stories from our incredible clients who saw drastic improvements from our services. We know how difficult customer service can be for E-Commerce businesses, which makes us especially equipped to step in and help out brands like Ancient Nutrition.

Each of our highly qualified agents is trained in a variety of E-Commerce platforms like Shopify and Gorgias, and when you choose to outsource customer service to TalentPop, we make sure to match your brand with agents who will be the right fit for your product and your customers. 

If you’re ready to take the next step and invest in a quality customer experience for your business, book a call with our team today and we’ll show you exactly how our skilled agents will help you reach your goals.

[TalentPop Agents] just have a really open mentality to coaching and feedback.

“Switching to TalentPop, we saved so much money AND our results have improved so dramatically!”

Kate Dalton
Kate Dalton
Ancient Nutrition

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